6 Reasons Why Women Should Drink Water From Copper Bottles

6 Reasons Why Women Should Drink Water From Copper Bottles


As women you take responsibility for everyone’s health in the family. You forget about yourself most of the times. But do you realise that if you fall sick then you can’t take care of your family the way you do. So take some time out for yourself and pay attention to your health. Start by drinking water stored in copper bottles followed by a healthy diet. You must think why only drink water stored in copper bottles only?


  • Improved Metabolism  
    Copper helps in better contractions of the stomach muscles which aids digestion. It is also scientifically proven that copper has antibacterial properties that help destroying E-Coli bacteria which can cause stomach infections. So after your delicious meal, sip on some nutritious water stored in copper.

  • Beat Anemia
    Did you know that copper helps your body absorb the iron present in your food and beverages? So, if you have ample amount of copper in your body, you can maintain a healthy amount of iron and have a healthy haemoglobin level. Clearly Anemia will not be your concern then!

  • Keeps Cancer Away
    Copper helps you fight free radicals that help the cancer cells grow. Although it is not a cure for cancer, but you can certainly take preventive measures by drinking water stored in copper bottles and glasses.

  • Get Glowing Skin
    You already know melanin helps your skin colour. It helps you protect your skin from sun damage and heals wounds faster too! So, sip on water stored in copper bottles and keep your melanin level high.

  • Slow Down Aging
    Nobody likes those wrinkles and age lines. So, why not take measures while you can? Drinking water from copper vessels, helps you keep your skin looking young! It is high in antioxidants which promotes growth of new cells and replacement of dead skin cells. Time to keep that copper water bottle handy!

  • Stay In Shape
    Losing weight can be a tiring task. But while you are active and maintain a healthy diet, it is important you also drink water enriched with copper. This will improve your digestion and keep your gut happy. So, aid your weight loss programme and help your body reduce that extra fat now