Aayu is a brand which focuses on healthy living. The name is derived in short from Aayurveda the ancient Indian natural medicine. Aayur in the ancient language Sanskrit means health and Veda means study.

Healthy living starts with drinking lots of pure water. Copper has traditionally in a lot of cultures been used to treat water naturally of all impurities and ailments. 

Aayu as a brand not only promotes drink water from copper bottles, we also encourage everyone to ditch plastic bottles and switch to healthy living and also do our bit for the planet.

All our products are made in India from 100% pure copper. The outside of the bottles is lacquer coated to protect the shine and from scratches. Inside is left pure copper which from time to time naturally gets a bit dark. Please follow our copper care instruction on how to clean and maintain the bottles.

All orders are fulfilled from Melbourne, Australia. For bulk orders or stockist opportunities please email us on hello@aayu.com.au

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